Outside Over There

Billy Birch/ The Goblin Market Fiasco

Having emerged from Hotel Seraphim with rooms of their own, the group takes care of business in the real world.

Mick, as he promised, takes Charlotte out for a nice dinner and a film. Draca checks in with her adoptive parents. Blood checks in with her grandma and then tries to locate Joseph about a possible fake ID. Mr Wild visits Julie Winters. And Jenn contacts Peter, updating him on their status. He directs her to gather the group and visit the Winter Trove on 63rd Street.

Jenn manages to contact Mick and Joseph, who meet her at the Winter Trove. There they are given their first assignment and two tokens. One of the tokens, a simple woodcarving knife, is meant for their first key contact, Billy Birch. The other is to be traded at the Goblin Market for a Glimpsing Mirror. Jenn attempts to find Mr Wild and Blood and begin their excursion into the Hedge.

Blood is visited by her father. Who tells her that she should look to the wolf-blooded. That something nefarious is afoot. Blood then returns to her dorm room at Snow Lion apartments. Jenn contacts her and arranges for the group to meet her there. Once there, Jenn finds Blood’s roommate entertaining friends (who flirt with Mr Wild, Joseph and Mick). With her necessary gear now in hand, Blood leaves with the motley.

The group enters the Hedge and sets off to find Billy Birch. Eventually they find a barren wasteland with only the whipping of the wind to accompany them. Billy Birch soon appears. They cordially offer him the woodcarving knife and the towering tree-man is very much taken with it. Jenn asks him what information he can give them about setting up stations in the Hedge or about directing them to the powers-that-be in the area. He tells her of The Tender, a charlatan in her world. And of Lady Ambrosia, said to be a True Fae that was cast out and now lives in the Hedge.

Armed with this new information, Jenn decides to lead the group to the Goblin Market for the other task: trading out a token for the Glimpsing Mirror. The motley splits up to look for something useful. Jenn encounters a vendor who specializes in memory trading. Draca encounters a weapon vendor who seems to recognize him, calling him by his Amaranthine Battlefield rank of general. When Draca approaches the man, he is stabbed and cursed at. Draca, of course, trucks no quarter with this man and draws her sword. This draws the attention of the market’s head of security, Mr. Pinch. After questioning them both, Mr. Pinch determines that the weapon vendor has broken the rules of the market and must provide the available group with tokens from his stand. Jenn is seemingly the only one who needs anything and so she picks up The Pocketwatch of Immaculate Timekeeping.

Meanwhile, in her own wanderings, Blood happens upon a tent of caged humans. Upon closer inspection, she discovers they are in fact wolf-blooded. At this discovery, she loses herself and begins attacking the cages and the vendor that owns them.



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