Outside Over There

The Captured Wolf-Blooded/The Museum of the Soul's Skein

Blood could not help herself. Looking into those cages, she saw herself. Abused. Starving. A plaything for someone more powerful. A woman, a man and two children. Barely dressed and pleading through the bars for someone, anyone, to help them. She could smell the blood of the wolf from them, even if they didn’t know it. These were her people. Caged and sold like animals.

Her skin itched with rage, a fever that seemed to explode from every cell in her. Within seconds, she was in Gauru form, tearing at one of the cage doors. Snarling. Slashing.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the little man that ran the shop yelling at her to stop. It had all the weight and whine of a buzzing insect as far as she was concerned. If he was very very lucky, he’d fucking make it out of this with his guts intact.

Joseph, having followed Blood to talk to her more about this fake ID problem of hers (and pawn her off on Guido back at The Doll House), was taken aback by the sight. Blood was a hurricane of claws, having only moderate luck at shredding the cage steel. Fuck it, he figured. He’d never been a fan of these kind of stalls to begin with. He slipped past Blood in her frenzy and looked over one of the child cages. He might not be able to smash them the same way… but a decent appraisal of the design showed a fairly exploitable flaw. The hinges.

Opening his Gladstone bag, Joseph removed a fairly decent wedging tool. And started work on popping them apart.

Mick came in not long after. Seeing the situation, and Blood’s ferocity over these prisoners, Mick casually walked over and put his bladefingers to the man’s cage. The bars were reinforced, making it tough to simply slice through.

The little man, aghast at all of this sabotage, scurried out of the tent to find Market Security. Or more specifically Mr. Pinch. Jenn, Mr. Wild and Draca were still discussing with Mr. Pinch the actions of the vendor who stabbed Draca when the slave trader demanded Mr. Pinch and his Blunderbore guards see to the fracas at his tent.

Blood and Joseph managed to free two of the four imprisoned wolf-blooded. Terrified, they fled into the Hedge.

Mr. Pinch, after witnessing Blood’s rampage, demanded of Jenn to rein in her companions. Jenn physically moved her person between Joseph (and Mick) and the cages, asking them not to burn this particular bridge. The mission demanded they work with this Goblin Market. Once Joseph and Mick had been convinced, Jenn had to do the same with Blood.

Once Jenn had calmed Blood down a little, telling her they’d find a way to free these wolfblooded, the insane frenzy quieted down at last. The slave trader demanded satisfaction and Jenn promised him she would return them to the market. And so the group set out to recover the two escaped slaves, uncomfortable deep in their stomachs at the task set upon them.

While searching, Joseph stumbled upon a place that resembled an abandoned amusement park or aquarium. As he delved closer into it, he realized that part of its exhibits featured items or images from his own life.



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