Flatirons boulder marchConsidered the most populated Changeling city in Colorado, Boulder’s freehold (known formally as The Windswept Haven of Crag and Stone, abbreviated to simply ‘Stonehaven’ by most) was first established in 1859 by changelings looking to mine gold as well as iron from the Rockies. From its very auspicious beginnings to the present day, the freehold has maintained an unquestioned reputation as one of the weirdest apexes of the supernatural along the Continental Divide. The walls between our world and the Gauntlet, the Land of the Dead and the Hedge—-all seem to vibrate thinnest in this little college town.

Its reputation as an epicenter of the bizarre and borderline libertine, both mortal and otherwise (celebrated by the liberal atmosphere, the head shops and the unofficial city slogan “Keep Boulder Weird”) hasn’t abated either.

Following the invasion of Boulder in 2009 by the True Fae cabal called The Shadow Court, things have changed drastically for changelings in Stonehaven. The death of Eden Blu, a firebrand and revolutionary, by the hands of her former Keeper, has cast an ominous pallor over everyone living here. While the Shadow Court may have been routed in the end, fears and concerns that the True Fae are right at the freehold’s doorstep has produced a ferocious demand for a stronger defense against the Hedge.

In response, Winter Court’s new king, the generous Peter Boreas, has recently brokered an agreement with Spring Court, Autumn Court and two new blossoming courts (The Court of the West and the Court of the Dawn) to establish a bulwark between Stonehaven and Arcadia. Rumors have been flying lately that even some of the ex-Rescuers, Eden Blu’s old allies, are spearheading this effort personally.


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