Boss Donovan


Boss Donovan is fucking ruthless. When Winter Court’s crime operations changed as a result of Coldmarrow’s war against Spring, Autumn and the Rescuers, the Denver Irish mob known as the Westies moved right in. Heroin, cocaine, prostitution (taking up shop in Eden Blue’s place and renaming it The Dollhouse) they involved themselves in everything they could get their hands on. Boss Donovan oversaw it all, buying off whoever could be bought… and breaking the skulls of those who couldn’t.

A cruel and firm capo, Donovan expects profits and results from those in his employ. Anything less he finds insulting.

The problem is, for all of his harshness and imposing presence, Boss Donovan has a little secret. He’s discovered that he’s a simulacrum, a false fetch to the changeling known as Mick Sticker. From what he’s seen from Mick, it’s the kind of power that both terrifies and enthralls him. Power that Boss Donovan wants for himself.

Boss Donovan

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