Mr. Wild

Seven foot, two inch Ogre Farwalker with a big beard and kind, blue eyes.


Virtue: Hope

Vice: Wrath

Concept: Insane Protector

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Farwalker

Court: Dawn


  • Int: 1
  • Wits: 3
  • Resolve: 3
  • Str: 3
  • Dex: 3
  • Stam: 2
  • Pres: 2
  • Manip: 2
  • Comp: 2

Mental Skills

  • Investigation: 1 (Nature)
  • Medicine: 3 (Children)

Physical Skills

  • Athletics 1
  • Brawl 2
  • Stealth: 3 (Nature)
  • Survival 1
  • Weaponry 3 (Staff)

Social Skills

  • Animal Ken 3
  • Intimidation 4 (Adults)


  • Stone 2
  • Oath and Punishment 1


  • Hollow 2
  • Giant 4
  • Hedgegate Sense 1

Health: 8

Willpower: 4

Wyrd: 4

Glamour: 14

Clarity: 7

Size: 6

Speed: 11

Defense: 3

Armor: 0

Initiative: 6


  • Hotel Seraphim


  • The Shepherd’s Bindlestick (•••): A gnarled and twisted cedar staff approximately six foot in length, with what seems to be a lion’s head carved into the top, the Shepherd’s Bindlestick is a token of great protection. Mr. Wild spent quite a bit of time in the Goblin Market working towards procuring it, the greatest tool at his disposal. As a result, it is never far from his reach.

When Mr. Wild spends 2 Glamour and invests his own power as a guardian into the staff ((Dexterity + Wyrd)) he can add his own Wyrd score to their Defense. The moment the blessed ally fights back, this effect will be lost. Action: Instant.

Mr. Wild may also use the staff to add his highest Physical Attribute to any Presence rolls (costing 2 Glamour) once per day.

Drawback: The staff’s intensity is often too much to bear. Mr. Wild’s hands routinely suffer the burns and soreness of wielding the staff’s power. As a result, Mr. Wild suffers a -3 penalty to his Dexterity rolls for the duration of the scene.


Mr. Wild is an Ogre Farwalker. He was a simple-minded teenager in the mid 1920’s in the mining community of Boulder, CO, when he was taken by a True Fae known as the Operator. The Operator is a slave driver and child merchant who uses whatever means he can to turn a profit and increase his power. Mr. Wild was used as a Farwalker to patrol the wilds of the Hedge, as well as to make forays into the real world to kidnap children and take them to what he was told would be a better life, away from his hated mines. He did this for several decades before finally and accidentally stumbling upon the fate of one of his “rescued” children.

In this time, Mr. Wild has forgotten his given name, and has since pledged to himself to use his knowledge of the Hedge and amassed wealth as an inadvertant slave trader to save and protect children from both the Hedge, as well as the True Fae. He regards himself as having no name, but allows himself to be called “Mr. Wild” from a nickname a recently saved child gave him based on the Maurice Sendack’s “Where the Wild Things Are”.

His Mask is that of a large (7’2", 225lbs), bearded, homeless twenty-something, with abnormally kind blue eyes. He is soft-spoken, kind, and simple-minded. His mien is a large, shaggy, stooped-over beast with ram’s horns, a canine tail, and tiny, useless bat’s wings.
He has devoted his life to protecting children from the fate he was subjected to, as well as recompense for the children he was tricked into stealing into the world of the Fae. Although gentle, Mr. Wild will become enraged and potentially violent if anything prevents him from helping his children, although he refuses to kill anything or anyone.

In Boulder, he is one of the many eccentric and odd-looking homeless folks living in or around the Boulder creek. He has taken up partial residence next to a Hedge gate located underneath a bridge near Canyon and 9th st; the gate seeming like a mural of the wilderness under the bridge. The rest of his time is spent in his Hollow inside the Hedge, The Hotel Seraphim, a large and decrepit hotel that may itself be sentient.

In Boulder, the people he has that resemble friends are his social worker, an ensorcelled human named Julie Winter, who takes care of the children he saves, and feeds him the hope which fuels his Glamour. Also, Officer Martin Cogworks, an Elemental Manikin, Mr. Wild’s connection to Dawn Court and a member of Boulder PD.

Mr. Wild is afraid of cars and under no circumstances whatsoever will he ride in them.

Mr. Wild

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