One night they came. Not just for you but for your whole family. The Ringmaster and his minions snuck into your house and carried off you, your sister, your older brother, your mother and your father into the twisted alien world that was Faerie.

You felt like you spent years there, doing stupid tricks like jumping through hoops of fire just to eat, morphing day by day into someone more panther than young girl. But when you and your brother finally escaped, with the help of Mr. Wild, you found out that only days had passed. Not years.

Since then you and your brother have been staying at Mr. Wild’s place in the Hedge, the Hotel Seraphim. When he’s gone you try to tidy it up but it just seems to stay endlessly messy. You’re desperate to see the real world again. And to go back to get the rest of your family, no matter how scared of the circus you might be.


Outside Over There Ghostbreaker