Rachel Snow


Like many packs, Rachel Snow’s Echoes of Thunder pack suffered losses during Denver’s recent upset and turmoil. Unlike many of the packs in the area, though, she refused to rebuild her pack’s ranks with werewolves from other tribes. What’s more, Snow believes that the only
way for werewolves to truly reclaim the ancient powers lost after the murder of Father Wolf is by constant conflict and testing. Personal strength is key. Strength of the pack or
tribe is also important, but a warrior’s true strength comes from victory by any means. She finds Roman’s plans for an alliance of Uratha to be naïve at best, and a self-destructive
fool’s delusion at worst. She supported the cooperative effort against Gurdilag and its agents out of necessity, but talk of long-term, idealistic alliances and treaties makes her instincts rebel. She and Roman have had numerous “discussions” on the matter, and only their common belief
in the Oath of the Moon has kept them from ripping each other’s throat out during the few times the two are willing to meet in person.

Rachel Snow comes from a long and distinguished line of American Storm Lords. She originally hails from Colorado Springs, and her extended kinfolk family is very involved with the various defense industries that make their homes in Colorado. (Some locals joke that for every bomb
that exploded over Iraq in both Gulf Wars, the Snows got a thousand dollars.) While they don’t own any major defense contractors such as Boeing or Martin Marietta, companies owned by the Snows provide parts and services to all of them. Rachel fervently believes in personal responsibility and hates the thought of owing anything to anyone. For years, she led expeditions into the territories surrounding Denver to perform precision strikes on the agents of Gurdilag who operated there and keep the usurpation from spreading. Her experience and intelligence made the Echoes of Thunder invaluable to Roman’s war effort. She strongly supported the group effort to retake Denver, which has made her refusal to back Roman’s efforts to create inter-tribal alliances feel like a betrayal (from his perspective). She maintains that she never supported anything other than the conflict itself. In fact, the conflict between the Uratha who survived the battle will, in turn, make those survivors better warriors. Since the re-taking of Denver, her pack continues to seek out conflicts, and when necessary, instigate them. She has quietly encouraged both sides in conflicts and richly rewarded the victors.

The Snow family, an extended clan with Storm Lord blood flowing through it, has branches from all
over the globe. Rachel hails from a branch with strong ties to South America. She has olive skin with dark eyes and hair that’s cut short (so as not to provide a handhold in combat) but stylish. She wears little jewelry, with the exception of a fetish necklace. Rachel is strong, confident and always in charge. She uses every weapon at her disposal to make herself and her
pack stronger, including cunning and guile. She’s a powerful warrior, but she knows that not all battles are fought with claw and klaive. She is equally comfortable using words as weapons.

The Echoes of Thunder pack also includes four other Storm Lords. Crash of Thunder (aka Crash the Younger) is a Rahu, Marla Price is a Cahalith, Sergei Quiet Steel is an Irraka, and Lightning Ferrara is an Ithaeur. The pack’s totem is Wolf that Strikes Alone.

Rachel Snow

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