Hotel Seraphim

Bokor palace hotel 11 Mr. Wild’s sanctuary in the Hedge and the base of operations for Bulwark Expedition.

While Hotel Seraphim may look like a dilapidated death trap, long overdue for the wrecking ball, Mr Wild believes it to be a living thing, possibly a hobgoblin of some kind. The hotel certainly shelters and tends to its guest in strange and unique ways.

It has a very protective atmosphere to it, especially when it comes to the kids Mr. Wild rescues. While the hotel may seem deadly or hazardous for any child to play or get lost in, it’s surprising how few accidents ever seem to occur to its younger residents. Falls seem softened or blunted by the structure itself.

Wards and protections also permeate the hotel. Outside and around the hotel’s perimeter, in what looks to be a tamed field of tall grass, are a myriad of obscured sinkholes. The hotel itself seems to decide how and if the land will allow passage to those on its property…or to instead drop them down a deep, dark shaft, never to be heard from again.

Hotelseraphim2Inside, the hotel wields defenses of its own. If an invader has made it past the sinkholes, the hotel will respond with accelerated decay; A shower of heavy, sharp or disorienting debris; floors and stairs rot underneath one’s feet; objects that seem sturdy and well anchored seem to precariously fall on the target, such as shelves or chandeliers.

It’s also quite structured in how it deals with guests. New residents must be ‘introduced’ to the hotel by Mr. Wild. When a room is chosen by the occupant, they may initially notice that, upon the opening of their given room door, a dense wall of brick obstructs them. Mr Wild must open the door first, also to a brick wall and then close it again. Once this ritual has been completed, the resident may open the door again and soon witness a fully furnished room, kitted out precisely to their preference, needs and style.

Hotel Seraphim

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